Why The Flowering Fern?

The fern plant is an abundant species in the Pacific Northwest. Growing year after year with beauty, comfort, and support. Camping as a child, I grew to know ferns as a medicinal plant to ease an itchy bite. As an adult, I find them in bouquets, ornamental gardens, and as a street buffer. An ancient Slavic tale explains that those who found a fern flower will receive power, luck, & good-judgement. In this tale, a fern flower would bloom during the solstice period, and many would celebrate, calling the flower hunt-Kupala night. When this flower is found, it is up to the seeker to decide if they want to embark on this believed journey or to find all of their power within. The fern is a versatile plant that represents my ability to adapt to the needs of your event and you personally, aiding every step of the way. The end result is what you take with you and I hope it is beautiful and memorable. ~ Rachel