Beach Glam, Winter 2017

I am lucky enough to have someone in my life who is a friend, a brother, and an a fabulous photographer-Kevin Zansler! He is great to work with and produces beautiful photos. We were able to scrap together a shoot right before Valentines Day. It was cold, sandy, and I had both kiddos-without fail, he delivered and put my Rose Gold Glam items to use! Enjoy! All of these items are up for rent, with the exception of the macarons from Bakery Nouveau and cheesecake from TraderJoe's (cut to size). Flowers from Seattle Growers Market.

Your Dream Wedding

If our goal is to be married once in our lives, then traditionally, some of us will have one ceremony and one celebration commemorating everlasting love. That is PRESSURE! Now before you break out into a David Bowie/Queen ditty-let us ask ourselves-"Why?" Why do we place so much pressure on so much material to represent a spiritual, non-material commitment.  Is it because our families and their families before us had joyous parties celebrating the couple-and thats just what you do? Or is it a gift and shiny memory you can share with you friends and family? Regardless, this LOVE is real and you are going to show it however you please!

Some indiviuals dream up their wedding at least once every few years. Fantasizing the dress, the décor, the ceremony, and sometimes the fiancé(e). What do you dream of?

...Okay, done dreaming? Now turn that dream into a reality. Uhhh...oh wait, you don't have a $75,000 budget? You barely have a $5,000 budget and that is with the help of your family. IT IS OKAY! Your guests wont know the difference between designer gowns and the one a fashion student from your local community college made. It is also okay to spend thousands, again, it is your dream. And traditionally, is a once in a lifetime event.

Regardless of your budget, here are some ways to have your dream wedding-told to you by someone who has had their "dream" wedding and then became a dream maker.

1. HAVE FUN. This is often overlooked. Strip off all the material layers and get off the emotional rollercoaster. Smile and your memories will thank you!

Tip: place notecards in your suite or home day of and have wedding party remind you. "SMILE! This is your day!"

2. TAKE PHOTOS. Proof that you were smiling.

Tip: hire a photographer that listens and takes the shots you didn't even know you wanted.


Tip: invite those whom you really care for.

4. GO BIG...OR GET A HOME. That is right. According to WeddingWire, the average cost of a wedding in the US is $28,000. This could also be a down payment on your new nest.

Tip: sit down as a couple and discuss your future together.

5. HAVE A PARTY. 50 to 300 guests, their is always room for a great party. Dancing, gaming, drinking, eating, or talking. Make this event uniquely yours.

Tip: invite those who know how you party and want to party with you.

6. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. We cannot predict how events will pan out. But we can assist in the outcome. Do not sweat it (okay maybe a little)-plan it & enjoy it. A positive attitude equals positive memories.

Tip: practice optimism.

7. BE YOUR GUEST. Put yourself in your friends and families shoes. What do they want or need to know about the wedding. If it is a celeberation, people are more jovial when they come prepared to be apart of the whole. If your wedding is in a marsh-tell your guests- boots vs heels. If all guests need to wear white, make it clear. 

Tip: over communicate via emails and wedding websites.

8. FIND SOMEONE. After you have found your love, find someone to execute your dream. Hard to acheive much of the above if you have to keep tabs on all the physical elements with in your dream.

                                                   YOU ARE THE DREAMER. FIND A DREAM MAKER.

Why The Flowering Fern?

The fern plant is an abundant species in the Pacific Northwest. Growing year after year with beauty, comfort, and support. Camping as a child, I grew to know ferns as a medicinal plant to ease an itchy bite. As an adult, I find them in bouquets, ornamental gardens, and as a street buffer. An ancient Slavic tale explains that those who found a fern flower will receive power, luck, & good-judgement. In this tale, a fern flower would bloom during the solstice period, and many would celebrate, calling the flower hunt-Kupala night. When this flower is found, it is up to the seeker to decide if they want to embark on this believed journey or to find all of their power within. The fern is a versatile plant that represents my ability to adapt to the needs of your event and you personally, aiding every step of the way. The end result is what you take with you and I hope it is beautiful and memorable. ~ Rachel